Less than 10% of distributors are prepared or preparing for the future.
Much of the industry is working off business models that are 50 years old.
We’re not learning as fast as the world is changing.
Most won’t change unless someone says ‘We need to close some branches.’
Many distributors are already out of business, they just don’t know it yet.

We need a catalyst for change!


Our Speakers

Our speakers are curated with care to provide a perfect blend of inspiration, how-to models, and lessons of change and innovation. These are the disrupters, the leaders, and the innovators who transform businesses and industries.

  • Bringing in speakers from outside distribution provided the perspective shift that is needed to transform our business today in order to remain relevant tomorrow.
    I also liked that it was a more intimate conference because I met people during the breaks - there were higher quality encounters with various people.
    And the group dinner was a brilliant idea! Breaking bread in a more relaxed atmosphere allowed for deeper conversations and connections.

The innovative Distributor Wheel
The summit is structured around the core attributes of what makes a distributor innovative. The innovative distributor has a level of fury with the status quo that they have to act. They think forward and different. They are committed to finding unmet customer needs and creating products, services, and solutions to meet those needs.

And it is you, the transformative leader who is the key to offset the inherent inertia of the status quo and obliterate it by unleashing a spirit of innovation.

  • 100% Relevant Content

    The Innovative Distributor™ framework ensures the entire two days addresses the most pressing issues distribution leaders must address for sustained results.

  • The Best That Humans Have Done

    All of our speakers are from outside of distribution. Why? We believe in finding the best that humans have done (not just other distributors) and finding a way to bring those into our businesses.

  • Lift and Shift™

    Intimate Lift and Shift™ discussion sessions with each speaker to take their great ideas and bring them into your company.

  • Inspiration To Act

    Each component of The Innovative Distributor™ framework is holistically and strategically explored in a three phase process insuring understanding and inspiration to act.

  • Random Collisions Of Unusual Suspects

    UnleashWD brings leaders from over 20 different lines of trade together insuring you make new connections and begin new collaborative relationships.

  • Transformational

    The entire two days build towards the moment we stop, pause, and reflect. You are led through a reframing process to take your biggest, baddest, and boldest - your most transformative idea from the two days - and morph it into your Monday morning action plan.

Not Just Inspiration.
New Community.

Need to convince your boss to send you and your team to UNleashWD? Let us help you.