Dirk Works With You To Craft The Perfect Presentation For Your Group - Around Your Objectives

  • Artistic Relevance

    Blending the best of a strategy consultant, human behaviorist, and artistic storyteller, Dirk crafts each presentation with a single goal – Relevance.

  • Relatable Authority

    Just a normal guy with a passion for business (and life) who happens to be one of America’s most outstanding speakers, Dirk could just as easy be sharing his insight with each individual in the audience while out for a run, enjoying an IPA, or breaking bread.

  • Sweat Equity

    Once the presentation is crafted and your meeting arrives, Dirk brings his "A" game. With each presentation, he swears to himself “just talk to them” yet his passion for helping your people get better takes hold and his sweat soaked shirt symbolizes the value delivered and received.

  • Catalyze Change

    The common denominator of all meetings is change. Dirk inspires your team to think different and break from the gravitational pull of the status quo.

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Dirk Is Speaking Across The Country Catalyzing Company's In Their Quest To Get Better Faster

Business Owner, Speaker, Author, and Strategist Dirk Beveridge Helps Forward Thinking Businesses Create Their Future

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  • Gary Owen • President • MITS Software
    Your presentation was awesome. It literally inspired awe.
    Gary Owen • President • MITS Software
  • David Slaick • President • EISS Inc.
    I want you to know that you really motivated Pam and me to immediately make some huge changes in how we rethink our business model. Thanks to your presentation in New Orleans we've already made more changes in 5 weeks than we had in the last 3 years. Keep up the passion, you're changing people's thinking.
    David Slaick • President • EISS Inc.

Dirk's Most Requested Topics

Dirk is committed to customizing his insight to your audience.

  • Thank you so much for setting the tone for our entire executive meeting. Besides the innovation topic being so relevant, your amazing energy was exactly what our group needed to get focused and enthused. You are an absolutely tremendous presenter.
    Elizabeth Wheeler • Corporate Administrator • Parksite

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