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The innovative Distributor WheelActively listen, absorb, and immerse yourself as Dirk interviews distribution CEO’s who are innovating and changing the way
business is done.  The Innovative Distributor™ framework serves as the context for each CEO series of five podcast episodes:

  • Episode One • Vision

    Without vision there is no innovation and these CEO's share how they peer into the future to create innovative and disrupting strategies.

  • Episode Three • Value Propositions

    Most distributors are trapped in a world of sameness, yet these CEO’s have created compelling value propositions with customers as the touchstone.

  • Episode Five • Transformative Leadership

    Companies don’t innovate, people do…these CEO’s do. We’ll delve deep into their leadership styles and processes.

  • Episode Two • Culture of Innovation

    Culture eats strategy for lunch and these CEO's will share how they foster a culture and spirit of innovation.

  • Episode Four • Business Model Innovation

    While many distributors are using business models that are 50 years old, these CEO’s have envisioned and built new models to create, deliver, and capture value.

  • Bonus Episodes • Other Innovators & Leaders

    Periodically Dirk will have a conversation with other innovators & leaders and share these insightful stand alone episodes.

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  • Dirk Beveridge
    I'm thrilled to have this opportunity. To sit with some of the most brilliant leaders and innovators from within distribution and beyond, and to share their deep insight with our community. These interviews are going to become key resources for those of us unleashing a movement of innovation throughout the industry.
    Dirk Beveridge

Innovate For The Future Square

Our First Two Featured Innovators

Dirk's New Podcast Series InnovateForTheFuture.FM Premiers In May With Two Of The Best Leaders In Distribution

Andrew Berlin PicAndrew T. Berlin

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Berlin Packaging

Andrew has led Berlin Packaging for 27 years - taking from a small distributor to a true juggernaut in the packaging industry.  The company was recently valued at $1.4 billion and is North America's largest supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures.

Andrew is a Partner of the Chicago Cubs.  He is also the Chairman and Owner of the South Bend Cubs, the minor league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.  Since he purchased the team in 2011, he revitalized the struggling team to set new standards of excellence in baseball.  As a result of Andrew's commitment to thrilling customers, attendance is up more that 130% since he bought the team.

InnovateForTheFuture.FM Series

Dirk sits down with Andrew to gain a deep understanding of Andrew's leadership, business systems, and innovation journey.

  1. May 4 - Crafting the Vision for Relevancy and Sustainability
  2. May 11 - Creating a Culture of Innovation, Growth, & Superior Results
  3. May 18 - The Berlin Value Proposition & How To THRILL Customers
  4. May 25 - Breaking the Sameness Trap of Most Distributors with a Hybrid Business Model
  5. June 1 - Leadership Insights That Took Berlin From a $11 Million Local Distributor to a $1.4 Billion Juggernaut


LT GibsonL.T. Gibson

President and Chief Executive Officer


L.T. Gibson believes that a company should care for its employees first so they can better care for the customer.  With more than 20 years in the industry, L.T. was responsible for the startup and turnaround of local businesses into a $1.5 billion division of one of the largest companies in the industry. 

The concept of US LBM was founded in the summer of 2009.  The management team had a vision for a progressive organization that promoted a very unique culture.  The foundation of US LBM was to focus on the value of its customers and associates recognizing that the importance of each business unit was maintained in the local market.

InnovateForTheFuture.FM Series

Dirk sits down with L.T. to gain a deep understanding of the leadership and innovation L.T. has embedded into the organization.

  1. June 8 - Crafting the Vision for a Different Model in an Old Industry
  2. June 15 - Creating a Culture That Unleashes Continuous Improvement, Experimentation, and Innovation
  3. June 22 - REALLY Listening to Customers & Providing Value That's Unmatched
  4. June 29 - Flipping the Business Model 180 Degrees
  5. July 6 - Leading In An Age Where The Traditional Management Structures Must Be Rethought
  • Dirk Beveridge
    If you believe like I do, that it is time to change the rules, join me for each episode as these innovative rule changers open up their rule books to share their X's and O's.
    Dirk Beveridge

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