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Learn How to Create and Lead
THE Culture of Excellence that
Drives Profitability,
Energizes Team Performance,
Attracts & Retains "A" Players,
Outperforms Competition And... 

How to lead your organization to an exciting future.



Two Focused Days
To THINK (and work) Hard
About Leading Your Team


Immerse yourself in two days of in-depth education on critical topics that combines presentations, case studies and small group discussions specifically designed for C-suite teams and their direct reports who are responsible for the success of their organizations - today and tomorrow.

May 11 - 12 • Dallas, Texas


Co-Developed and Presented By:

Major Generals (ret) Robert W. Mixon, Jr. and John Batiste
of Level Five Associates and Dirk Beveridge, Founder of UnleashWD

Robert Dirk John

A One-Of-A-Kind Executive Education Program

Based on the real-world needs of business leaders
who are navigating the marketplace
at a time of unprecedented change.

Proven solutions and tools you need and can immediately
apply to catalyze the following transformations:

  • A Clarified Vision

    The more your team members feel valued and understand the “what” and “why” of what they are doing, the more likely they will be to seize the initiative and surprise you with an amazing performance – and profits. Learn how the world’s best leaders strategically communicate through clear guidance, purpose and focus on a meaningful end state.

  • Creative and Focused Energy

    Team members in a high-performing business want to be challenged, trusted, and treated with dignity and respect. Learn the most effective tactics for decentralizing responsibility and authority to the level where your team is empowered to do what they do best without being micro-managed. Doing so builds loyalty and future leaders who want, seek, and thrive on accountability and responsibility.

  • Bold, Intentional Initiative

    Leaders cannot be afraid to take charge. Mistakes will come with the territory. Learn how to pull together the right people for your team and create a “bias for action” within your organization. Your team members who find themselves at a decision point will instinctively know the right answer. They will then act instead of re-act, and not waste precious time in achieving your company’s objectives.

  • Full Potential

    Leaders are responsible for unleashing the full potential of their teams. Too often, companies and departments are defined by silos, where team member loyalties are limited to their close co-workers, rather than to the success of the department or organization. Is your culture defined by silos and internal bickering? Learn how to break down silo walls and expand potential by building a culture where team members are “all in” and 100% committed to your company’s success.

  • Culture of Self Discipline

    Grow, develop and nurture a committed team that takes responsibility and acts like owners. As a leader, you are responsible for mentoring your team. You must learn how to trust and empower your team in order to create the conditions for them to reach their full potential. A culture of self-discipline is one where team members are empowered. They know their responsibilities and take initiative. Do you set the conditions to bring out the best in your team? Do you give them the opportunity to act like owners?

  • Life Balance

    Productivity isn’t determined by the number of hours you work, but rather what you do with your time. Imagine having time to support your families and friends, exercise so you can stay in shape, pursue hobbies, enjoy vacations, support your communities, and, at the same time, grow your business. Not only is it possible, it’s imperative. A leader without balance can destroy an organization. Learn how to set priorities and manage delegation in a way that not only allows you to manage your time more effectively, but imparts that knowledge to your team as well.


Act quickly! Class size is limited to maintain
a high level of learning and instructor interaction.

Super Early Bird Pricing Closing April 16th.

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  • "What We've Learned" Exclusive Webinar

    We've learned there is a challenge "carrying back" the message from workshops to your boss and your organization. So, the week after our workshop Robert, John, and Dirk will lead an exclusive webinar for those in your organization who needs to understand what you took away. We'll also give you a discussion guide to lead the conversation after the webinar.

  • Follow Up Q & A Webinar

    John, Robert, and Dirk are committed to your success. We know you'll have questions once you leave the workshop. That's why two weeks afterwards, we'll gather all the questions the attendees have and dig deep in this exclusive webinar.

  • Exclusive Rally Point!™ Web-based Discussion Forum

    You are going to engage with other amazing business leaders. Our forum moderated by Robert, John, and Dirk will keep the discussion going long after the workshop is over.

  • 20 Minute Personal Coaching Call

    Our commitment to you is so deep that we'll schedule a personal coaching call with every attendee to help you address specific questions and guide you in developing your leadership abilities within 45 days of completing the workshop.

  • Access To An Exclusive Reception At UnleashedWD

    For those who will also be attending Dirk's UnleashWD Innovation Summit October 29-30 in Chicago, John, Robert, and Dirk will host an exclusive gathering to reconnect before the summit begins.


Act quickly! Class size is limited to maintain
a high level of learning and instructor interaction.

Super Early Bird Pricing Closing April 16th.

Save 10% Off Registration By Registering Today!

Meet Our Program Leaders


Major General (ret) John Batiste, Level Five Associates


John Batiste is a retired U.S. Army Major General, former CEO of a leading distribution company, best-selling author, university faculty member, and Leadership and Strategic Planning consultant. He served his country for over three decades in various military leadership roles before bringing the same high-caliber leadership and values to the corporate world. With his close friend and partner Robert W. Mixon, Jr., he co-founded Level Five Associates, a leading Change Management Consulting Company. John is a natural leader who knows how to develop effective personnel who thrive and perform their roles with a spirit of initiative. John's leadership style has produced phenomenal results, which he can replicate on your behalf in your organization.


Dirk Beveridge, Founder of UnleashWD

Dirk ASA 700 by 400Dirk Beveridge is a leading advocate of change and innovation.  As one of the country’s most outstanding speakers, he delivers a new voice, a new energy, and a new outlook.  His presentations and executive programs are unparalleled.  He delivers original, proven, and often disruptive thinking.  His energy and passion for excellence are infectious and inspires audiences to step from the zone of comfort to unleash the urgency of change. Beveridge is routinely asked to speak on innovation, business strategy, sales, and leadership.  For over 25 years as a consultant to a wide range of companies, Beveridge has helped leading firms align, focus, and strengthen their sales and leadership strategies to remain relevant, outperform the market, and provide deeper value to customers.

 Major General (ret) Robert W. Mixon, Jr., Level Five Associates



U.S. Army Major General (ret) Robert W. Mixon, Jr. has brought strategic planning and leadership from the battlefield to the office. His 33 years of military service have instilled within him strong values and ethics that have led to success in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Alongside his friend and business partner, John Batiste, he co-authored a best-selling book and co-founded Level Five Associates, a change management consulting company. Robert has transformed both battle formations and businesses with successful results. He can inspire similar results within your organization.



On May 11 and 12, we’re joining together to share deep, hard-won knowledge through compelling case studies, proven best practices, effective new approaches, and well-honed core skills.

This program extracts the best of the best of our combined experience and talent. Take a look at what others have said about our programs:

"This Executive Education Program Will Give You The Tools To Lead Your Business And Your Team Into The Future"

  • Dirk hit a home run. The program was relevant, energized & thought provoking with a call for action. Real value!
    Bill Zielinski • VP Marketing • Chicago Tube & Iron
  • "John and Robert's unique mix of leadership and business experience gives them enormous credibility. I strongly recommend Level Five Associates."
    Dan DiMicco • Chairman Emeritus • Nucor Corporation
  • “Simply put, Dirk gets it! Being a leader of today’s businesses isn’t just about managing for today’s results. It’s about motivating and innovating to get the most out of your people and the rapidly changing landscape. Every time Dirk is in front of our team, he helps us move the needle in a big way.”
    L.T. Gibson • CEO • US LBM Holdings
  • “John Batiste and Robert Mixon are well-versed in the theory and practice of leadership, to include the value of strategic planning to provide clarity and focus. Collectively, they have over eight decades of leadership experience, to include 16 years in corporate America. They speak with authority gained from the experience honed on the battlefield and board room.”
    General Barry R. McCaffrey, US Army (Ret.)
  • "Dirk, I want you to know that you really motivated Pam and me to immediately make some huge changes. Thanks to your program we've already made more changes in 5 weeks than we had in the last 3 years. Keep up the passion, you're changing people's thinking."
    David Slaick • President • EISS Inc.

Don’t miss the opportunity
to participate in this
unique experience with
your leadership team.



  • You’ll leave this program inspired and invigorated, armed with practical tools to take your leadership to the next level.

  • Defined by the right culture and armed with these strategies, your organization will flourish, achieving amazing results and a new level of teamwork and success defined in profitability and mission accomplishment.

Venue and Travel Information


Las colinas Marriott


The Dallas Marriott Las Colinas is redefining the future of hotel travel, with intuitive design, exceptional accommodations, and a fabulous location. Located in a prestigious subdivision of Irving, this lakeside, resort-style hotel features award-winning service and amenities that will please every attendee.



DFW is a short ride to our intimate venue.  Plan to arrive for an 8:00 am sharp (remember two of our program leaders are retired U.S. Army major generals) start on Wednesday May 11th.  We will conclude the program at 3:00 pm on Thursday May 12th.


We are here for you.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our program concierge, Jeanette Batiste-Harrison at 585-445-8983 or


Act quickly! Class size is limited to maintain
a high level of learning and instructor interaction.

Super Early Bird Pricing Closing April 16th.

Save 10% Off Registration By Registering Today!